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Cheating for the goods

One car was driven to les Houches train station while another went all the way up to Flatiere with the bikes.  October shuttling at it's best. Cheating some might call it.  I've ridden all the way up several times before, but I'm not doing it on a DH bike!

We were on our way to get access to some of the best out of season trails Chamonix and Servoz Valley has to offer.  It was still fairly warm so t-shirts and shorts were order of the day as we hung onto our last bit of summer before heading onto the leaf covered Autumnal forest trails.

On the way to les Grosse Peirres the all-mountain mini ridge line pedalled and flowed ok on big bikes and we battled the super slick roots with ease as well as the poisonous mushrooms.

At the left turning you enter a descent section with some of the best switchbacks ever. Some are flat, and some have almost natural berms and jumps out of them.  It is a superb lower alpine trail that is great on any bike as it never gets too technical except fo…

Best Corner in Chamonix?

corner marked on map hereOctober and still riding in shorts and t-shirt!I pushed my big bike up to Plan Lachet 1570m today and then turned back around.  An hour and half push up was made easier by listening to this great podcast : Off_Track Podcast .  Perfect for bike geeks!

There is a great section you can ride flat out which drops you into this perfect, flat, loamy right hander.  I've hit this corner in many seasons, but last November when Brevent re-opened for school holidays was probably the best with loads of leaves covering the roots coming into it.

Is it the best corner in Chamonix?
corner marked on map here

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