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8 years ago

La Varda, les Arc, Savoie, FranceAbout 8 years ago I last rode this trail, and despite having been in the area lots over the past few years when travelling through with the Trans Savoie race I had not been into this area that skirts the ever beautiful Vanoise National Park. In that time I have been lucky enough to descend many thousands of metres of the best alpine singletrack around France, Switzerland and Italy.
I couldn't remember much about the la Varda trail, except that it was so good 8 years ago we did it twice within a couple of days, and that everyone in the les Arc area bangs on about it.  Not wanting to sound like a trail snob because the incredibly high concentration of great natural singletrack trails in the les Arc is like nowhere else, BUT, I prefer the rural feel of Beaufort and high rugged peaks of Chamonix.
This is where I was wrong, and like 8 years ago, the la Varda trail is still as good as ever.  It still deserves the photo's in magazines it has received an…