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Spring 2015 arrives a year early

Some people hadn't packed their bikes away yet and had been doing a mix of skiing and biking.  I had sold my bikes so instead had been studying for my next IML tests and doing a bit of walking in the autumnal weather that had returned to the northern Alps.

It was with news that Courmayeur was unable to open is ski pistes, and that the ever Swiss resort of Verbier was even offering reduced price passes as their ski area was so poor that several people were talking about more biking.  I was kindly lent a Mega, 26 inch, but it was superb to be heading out.
Five of us actually quite comfortably got our bikes into the back of the Bluebird minibus and headed down to Servoz for several laps of leafy goodness.  Load the van and repeat! We even managed to befriend a dog and take her for a lap in the minibus.  She eventually ran off when she had a chance to escape from Mr G.

After a stylish Super U carpark lunch where we were treated to such culinary delights as the goat's cheese and banan…

The annual big change in seasons

It's that time of year again when bikes get packed away.  Or in my case this season, sold.
I'm a mountain bike guide without a bike, but despite fluctuating snow line levels I'm in the mindset now of winter ski touring and snowshoeing.

Today we scored our first ski turns of the season.  Cham has not had as much snowfall as neighbouring Swiss Valais so it was time to drive over again, much like the end of the biking season.  The Valais keeps on calling us!

A few photo's, until next "summer time", enjoy:

Digging day

After my visit last week to the ever classic forests around Ludlow I was determined to make it back to my trail to sort out the fallen tree problem before I return to Chamonix for winter and skiing time! Happy with the results! Hope some people enjoy: