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Story of the summer

Once it was like this: says:
PRECIPITATION : scattered from noon - possible thunderstorm - changing to continuous and locally heavy rain in the evening. MONDAY TO TUESDAY NIGHT - JULY 28 TO 29 PRECIPITATION : becoming moderate in the first part of the night - probably continuous until dawn. TUESDAY JULY 29 PRECIPITATION : continuous and moderate in the morning - changing to showers, fairly heavy in the afternoon. WEDNESDAY JULY 30 Very uncertain...
Hopefully by Thursday we can get back to ever classic Massif views rather than views of muddy bikes, brushes and dirty shorts:

Once a week treat

A journey of utilising a small village chairlift that is only open for one day a weekOver here there is a lift that is only open on Tuesday, so when the weather plays ball it's time to get up and gain some easy height to access two of the very best trails around all of the Alps.

A bit of pushing straight up a piste and a traverse around the hillside lead us to a col with breathtaking views back across the Beaufortain and Massif du Mont Blanc.  In the other direction you could see south into the Isere region.  Somewhere below in the clouds was Albertville where we'd eventually finish off for the bus ride home.
The trail from the col traverses across aplages on singletrack before hitting a gravel track that skirts the hillside for several kilometres linking up all the local farms and huts.  This is cheese country after all.  It's by one of these farm's that we cut off up through a field to find a trail head that just begins out of nowhere when looking on the map.  It's…

Its not actually been a bad week to be injured

As far as injuries go, the wettest week in the alps isn't a bad one to miss
#healingvibestomybro #properseriousinjury
Before the constant rain and mist enveloped us we rode some great trails:

And then this happened, snow down to 1800m:

And as you can "follow" in my instragram I've been cooking up perfect Savoyard winter food to keep warm:
Today I've been getting back up to speed in the mist and remnants of the mud.  There is talk of it getting up to 30.c by the end of the week.  Could it even be dusty trails with enduro goggle set-up?

Ridgelines rule!

They are generally so good, you don't want to stop for photo's, but when the views are so good you must try once or twice: