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A tale of downs in Switzerland

Did we stumble across the best view in the Alps? Introducing Stella Helvetica:
Several people had been talking about a funicular train above the jazz town of Montreux on the shore's of Lac Leman, that despite being expensive, had some good trails back in to town. The lure of swimming in the lake had us, and with Bex and other Valais trails nearby there would easily be a good few days worth of riding before the next storm came through the alps.
Me and the lone Dutchy headed to Lac Leman, padded up and rode to the central Montreux station next to men in suits, blacked out Mercs and Asian tourists. After being quoted 60CHF for a day pass we said no. Our intel of a cheaper pass was wrong.
So instead we climbed 1000 metres up 20% stretches of road past English speaking all boys, and all girls boarding schools over looking the huge lake.  The views made up for the unexpected climb.  We'd brought all our food from France to save money so that at least made us feel smug at the Col.  Litt…

Getting back on it in Aosta

Dry trails, and even dryer bread. 1600metre+ descent days back to back Up to the last week in July I had only ridden my bike about 4 times.  My International Mountain Leader work had taken me around the Massif du Mont Blanc and along the edge of the Fiz.  I hadn't missed my bike at all and I knew I was going to have an overload at the end of the month.
The Beaufort guides from last year were re-grouping for reconnaissance, and general banter missions. And where were we going? Italy of course and the wonderful Aosta Valley to escape the hoards of Chamonix.
*Day -1- Dorenaz adventuring with the Dutchies *Day 0- Le Tour laps into Switzerland with the Dutchies before bottles of Duvel with the crew.
Day 1- La Thuile Hardcore! The venue for the recent Enduro World Series race was unbelievable.  The tracks were destroyed and tiring.  The odd time I managed to stick out a fast line it felt great, but with lines all over the place and plenty of gnar (large rock gardens, large root gardens) it was…