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The biking is dead, long live the skiing!

With the end of muddy conditions and wearing lycra in the UK its time to say goodbye from Chainmark for a little bit:
Some snow cover is here in France so its ski touring time:

A Bientôt!See you soon!

November Sun- Midlands style

UK Riding in the Forest of DeanI've been in the UK for a few weeks now and have ridden some of the classic loops that Herefordshire, Shropshire and other locations have to offer. This last week I have been on girlfriend duty and the week before I was in a North Wales getting very wet whilst doing my International Mountain Leader Summer Training.
After the first frost of the year it was with some relief, that the sun came out for a spectacular Autumnal ride in the singletrack haven that is Forest of Dean.  We've been coming here for years and years so I know my way around fairly well.  Last weekend two of the group had been up here exploring around and found some new bits.  It then rained all week so when we were told of, "dry pine woods" in emails we were all still very much interested...
The visitor centre was packed out with all kinds of riders.  Downhillers through XC weekend warriors too novices seeking easy flat riding along the old railway lines.  Since the openi…