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Enduro du Beaufortain

Slop fest in one of the quietest corners of the Rhone Alps
With no guiding work in Beaufort this summer a plan was made for the some of the previous years guides to meet up for an early season blast on some of favourite trails.

For the Beaufortain Enduro the lift in Areches was open for the whole weekend and there were two bus uplift options to help gain some height to the downhill stages (not timed).

June had been a pretty poor month for weather with storms rolling in and out and only a few dry days.  I decided to put a bigger tyre on the front of my bike to try and gain some more grip in the impending mud of the Beaufortain forests. It did help a little, but really it was a slip and slide approach to riding for the whole weekend.  For those of us that knew the lines it made life a little easier, but sometimes due to wet roots you couldn't get to where you wanted to and you had hope you could slow down and make the next corner. Everyone was still grinning, and despite there being 30…


Everything a good day should have:
Not too early a startBread (French)Coffee (Italian)Road climb to gain some height efficientlyTrail riding in a super scenic valleyHike a bikeLunch stop with a viewSnow crossingRiver crossingA high altitude hamletAlpine flowers bursting with colourNear death, non riding relatedA Virgin Mary statueA puncture with jizzing tyre sealant (not a good day for 27.5 PLUS tyres)Incredibly tight switchbacksPine needle smooth singletrack (One of the best sections I've ever ridden this year!)A snake on the trailSitting in a beautiful old town square by an old churchGelatoMore coffeeMore tasty snacksCold beerSupermarket shop for local goodiesA German lady expressing her desire for queuing efficiency at the Mont Blanc Tunnel