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Early mornings, late nights organising, long days, long descents & most importantly long lasting smiles! "Stage 4 Secure!"

Marshals- Jonas, Phil & Martin securing a stage

I've not long returned from 10 days of helping out with the inaugural Trans Savoie as a course marshal.  I'm exhausted, but happy, just like all the other helpers and athletes.  The trails we rode were world class and the climbs were true alpine bruts.  The breakfasts and dinners were also bottomless, just like the smiles and fun atmosphere.  There may have been issues each day for marshals and riders alike, but for an event in its first year that is bound to happen.  Hopefully next year will be even better.

The speed of the top riders down 20min descents was unreal.  A highlight for me was being the start marshal for the final stage on day 3, or was it 4? Anyway, after a slog of fire road climb in the heat, Rene Wildhaber and his mate Armin arrived having not broken into a sweat.  Four of them then proceeded to 'train' it down the singletrack timed descent and off into distance leaving clouds of dust behind them.  From our vantage point we could see about 3km of the singletrack ribbon as the riders turned into dots and disappeared into the loamy treeline.

Also on the very last timed descent of the event Neil Donoghue's speed over the roots down towards me was unreal after 15mins of descending, not to mention the previous 5 days of racing!

I didn't get loads of photo's, even though everyday featured world class trails.  I had work to do checking the signposting...  The media guys got some really good ones so hopefully they will get in a magazine or two.  Aussie Dave the super Mechanic is hoping to get an article in an Oz mag.  Marshal Dave got many including Luca owning a rock drop in Meribel.  Aswell as Jonas's dust photos higher up in Meribel.  Tony did have some great ones till he lost the camera, hope the Wife's ok!  Martin however managed to keep-a-hold of his and has some great ones too.  Maybe even some of me?

Official videos here:

Other reports here:

Val d'Isere campsite chaos

Lots of waiting for riders = flower time

Jovet style!

This awesome trail disappears into trees just right of centre, near the top of photo

Wildhaber crew shredding hard

Pink! Only pro girl!

Phil above Les Contamines- caffeine power!

Money shot!

Martin zooming past high above Les Contamines

Col Joly

mellow meadow shredding
Well done to everyone that made it through both staff and riders!
World class event! Happpy Days! Thanks again to Russ for the bike!
and remember: the liason from here should be signed...


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